Thursday, March 22, 2007

PFLAG Indianapolis Delivers Personal Message to Indiana Legislature

Source: PFLAG
Date: March 21, 2007

INDIANAPOLIS -- Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) Indianapolis has delivered a thought-provoking collection of stories and photographs to the homes of every member of the Indiana Legislature on the eve of an important vote that would bar marriage equality.

The scrapbooks, entitled PFLAG: Living Our Values, were created by the Indianapolis-based chapter of PFLAG in response to the upcoming vote that would make marriages for same-sex couples impossible. Each scrapbook contains 18 touching stories along with photographs of gay couples, children, and family members. One parent of a gay child, Annette Gross of PFLAG Indianapolis says of the stories and the amendment, "Why can't people love who they want to love?"

In addition, each scrapbook comes with a personal introduction letter, encouraging members of the legislature to vote against banning marriage equality.

"I hope they read them. It brings a human element to something they've been debating academically," says Sarah Patterson, also a PFLAG Indianapolis member.

Patterson notes a trend that could prove damaging for Indiana that would be worsened by anti-gay legislation like this bill -- the "brain drain" of young gay people leaving the state for more gay-friendly regions.

PFLAG members are testifying this week before legislators, telling their stories as straight allies of GLBT family members and friends, and why Indiana should avoid banning marriage equality. "Many of our public leaders and legislators do not accept gay people ... and many who are accepting lack the political courage to take a stand for gay people and against discrimination," adds Steve Neff, a PFLAG father. "Do you ever hear an old politician or the family of a politician speaking with pride that they opposed civil rights or equal rights for women?"

The stories can be read at PFLAG Indianapolis' website (

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